Benefits & Beyond

We make it easier
to care for the whole you

The most impactful work happens when we feel healthy, appreciated and supported. At OhioHealth, our benefits go beyond what you might expect — including well-being and education benefits.

Educational and career
development opportunities

Keep learning and loving where you’re going

Earn a degree at no- to low-cost

  • Eligible associates can receive up to $5,250 per year for educational expenses related to OhioHealth jobs at more than 50 in-network colleges and universities. OhioHealth will directly pay the institute of higher learning for tuition upfront, meaning you will not be billed at all.
  • In many cases, colleges and universities will reduce their tuition to this threshold, so you may pursue a degree at no additional cost.
  • Dependents of OhioHealth associates can also receive significant tuition discounts at several colleges and universities.
  • OhioHealth also partners with Fiducius to provide in-depth education and comprehensive support on student loan restructuring options including (Forgive) Public Service Loan Forgiveness, (ReFi) loan refinancing and (SimpliFi) loan consolidation.

Development you can count on

At OhioHealth, we believe in lifelong learning. Here you’ll undergo training and education and explore opportunities designed to develop your talents and support your personal and professional growth.

  • You’ll be encouraged to participate in a variety of learning opportunities such as attending courses during our immersive OhioHealth Learning Week or completing free development courses online, year-round.
  • Selected managers of people can take advantage of OhioHealth’s Leadership Academy which outlines a clear development journey, placing high potential performers in specific leadership programs to increase their capabilities and create the next generation of OhioHealth leaders.
  • For our clinical associates, we create high quality, evidence-based educational interventions in order to advance your knowledge, competence, and performance and enhance your professional practice.

Meet Torie Gauder

Customer Experience Specialist

“Thanks to OhioHealth’s outstanding education benefits, I am pursuing my Online Master of Professional Studies in Product Management (MPPM) degree from the University of Maryland!”